Climate Change and CO2 Not a Problem

William Happer
USA, Netherlands
2021 CLINTEL CO2 Coalition,
This child and his parents in India need reliable, affordable energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power, not catastrophic global warming alarmist recommednded wind and solar. Professor William Happer gives an easy to understand explanation of how the sun warms the earth and how greenhouse gasses work. Everything is in the good hands of Mother Nature. Ignore the climate change alarmists.

The best way to think about the frenzy over climate is to consider it a modern version of the medieval Crusades. You may remember that the motto of the crusaders was “Deus vult!”, “God wills it!” After decades of propaganda, many Americans think there really is a climate emergency. Those who think that way, in many cases, mean very well. But they have been misled. Hare-brained schemes to limit emissions of CO2, which is actually beneficial, will only make it harder to get rid of real pollutants that exist in China and elsewhere.

This is a video presentation given to CLINTEL in Amsterdam. Professor Happer has given this several times in 2021 around the world. It is meant for non-scientists and is excellent.


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