Climate Change For the 21st Century

Jim Le Maistre

Every recent study describing Climate Change has failed to look back at these 5 Warming Periods before 1750. This all happened during our current Inter-Glacial Period on Planet Earth. The Roman Warming Period and The Middle Ages Warming Period must be used and compared to the current 20ieth Century Warming Period. This is only looking back to the times of Anthony and Cleopatra or to the years of Henry the Eighth and Charlemagne. It's not some intentional distraction with Dinosaurs and Early Creation. In planetary terms, this is just looking back to Yesterday Afternoon, in Planet Earth’s long and dynamic History . . . Failure to do so is a Scientific Travesty . . . that MUST be Corrected!

We must learn from History - NOT push it under the rug out of site, out of mind . . .

However, climate change and CO2 have Never followed one another in link step . . . Scientifically, or Naturally. The warmer Planet Earth gets the more the Oceans and Glaciers release CO2 and forests and vegetation keep it in balance. In an effort to clean up the planet we must separate CO2 from Climate Change. Concentrate instead on cleaning up the pollution attached to CO2 if we are to save the planet from extinction. Remove the Sulphur Dioxide, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Soot and Ash using existing technology . . . Please!

Here is a link to the source statement of the 3% CO2 contribution by humans - See pages 16 and 17, - 6 billion tons/186 billion tons = 3%:

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