Laws of Physics Define the Insignificant Warming of Earth by CO2 - Psychrometric Usage

Gerald Ratzer -- Douglas Lightfoot

Science is governed by the Laws of Physics and the Scientific Method.  In the case of Climate Science, the more specific requirements are in the Laws of Thermodynamics.  Our latest paper is not based on any simulation or advanced computer modelling, but on empirical data collected from the real world outside.  All the data, and the calculations, are in a single Excel file and freely available for anyone to check, at the link below.  This is how real Science should be done - fully open and transparently.

We encourage the reader to do a simple exercise of finding their local temperature and relative humidity and going through the steps to add another data point to our diagrams.  This involves one chart lookup and one multiplication, see below.  This process will answer a simple question which few scientists know – “What is the molecular ratio of water vapor to carbon dioxide in the air?”.  The answer to this question will let you know just how insignificant CO2 is and why water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas.

The “too small to measure” comes from a published paper: Laws of Physics define the insignificant warming of Earth by CO2. Available at: The calculations are in an Excel spreadsheet that is available at the same web site.


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