Energy transition from the abyss

Fritz Vahrenholt
Kalte Sonne

Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry, Chairman, German Wildlife Foundation: But the beautiful new world of Gretl, Annalena and Robert has its price. The authors anticipated a 60% CO2 reduction, which is expected to be achieved by 2030. By then, that will cost 4300 billion in 11 years. So that the parents of Fridays for the Future understand the 4600 billion correctly: that is 153 billion per year; at 40 million households in Germany each household pays 320 € per month monthly - net. And if it goes to Gretl and her followers, namely in 15 years to achieve 100% renewable energy, then that would be 640 € a month - if it does not sooner come to a collapse of the German energy supply, which is very likely.


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