Geologist proves global warming caused by sun not CO2

Roger Higgs

Roger Higgs, geologist, Founder, Geoclastica Ltd. First four of 27 points - 1) The IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has no geologists among the 100s of authors of its last major report (2013-14). Thus IPCC focuses on only the last 150 years (since thermometer records began, ~1850), yet Earth is 30 million (sic) times older, 2) The IPCC’s very existence relies on public belief in man-made global warming (AGW) by CO2. 3) The claimed “97% consensus among scientists” that AGW exists is a deception. 4) No educated person ‘denies’ modern global warming. Global warming deniers’ is a deceitful term for man-made global warming doubters & deniers (most of the world’s scientists?).


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