Let Us Not Commit Economic Suicide

Fritz Vahrenholt
kaltesonne.de Kalte Sonne
A private garden in Witten Herbede Germany. All trees and bushes were planted when the home was built in the 1970s. They have grown beautifully. Does the natural world get much better than this Yet Germany is committing energy suicide by forcing stopping use of fossil fuels and nuclear power for variable unreliable vulnerable wind and solar energy that are killing many birds and bats vital to balance in the insect and animal world. Pastoral German landscape is disapperaing for forests of wind turbines. They are mowing down forests for factories for electric cars. Where are all the batteries and battery replacements going to come from All of this destruction is done in the name of preventing catastrophic climate change which clearly isnt happening. Foreign armies couldnt do as good a job making Germany vulnerable to dictatorships.

How did the scientists come together (to oppose catastrophic man-made global warming hysteria) ? The Dutch climate researcher and geophysicist Professor Guus Berkhout took the initiative and wrote to critics of climate models in various countries, including me. We then promoted the text among colleagues. It’s interesting to note that there are about 150 Italian researchers on the lists, about 100 Americans and 70 Dutch, but only 14 Germans. In Germany, the mainstream is particularly dominant – one no longer dares to go against the party line.

What makes you so confident? The greening effect of CO2 is overlooked – or concealed. We should take note of the fact that the emission of greenhouse gases stimulates photosynthesis and, as a result the Sahel zone is getting greener, for example. In recent years, global photosynthesis has increased by 20 percent. Leaves are getting bigger, but also fruit and wheat grains. You cannot conceal these facts forever. Incidentally, without CO2 life on earth would literally suffocate.


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