Global temperature strong correlation with sun last 1000 years

Roger Higgs
Roger Higgs: THERE IS NO CORRELATION WITH CHANGE IN CARBON DIOXIDE. Instead there is merely a partial coincidence (pure chance; no causation) between: (1) rising CO2 since man's additions began c.1850 (start of Industrial Revolution) and (2) intermittent 1910-2020 warming (fraudulently exaggerated by NASA and HadCRUT, especially 1980-2020, in an effort to mimic CO2's climb), preceded by a 35-year cooling (1875-1910; e.g. Slide 4, 3rd graph), and interrupted by another 35-year cooling (1940-75) and the infamous 14-year hiatus (1998-2012). Cooling is now again in progress, since 2016, but NASA-GISS is trying to conceal this (e.g. Tony Heller links in Slide 3).


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