Global Warming - Under Sea Volcanoes

Jim Le Maistre

In 2011 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared in Scientific American and in Nature Geoscience that more than 1/2 of all the heat that keeps planet Earth from freezing in the cosmos comes from the fission reactor at the Earth’s core. The other half of the heat that keeps life possible on Earth, comes from the Sun. The earth’s core is said to be 6,230 degrees centigrade . . . Equal to the temperature of the surface of the Sun. Scientists described the core of the Earth as a fission reactor producing more than one half of all the heat needed to survive in the Universe.

Not one research paper regarding ‘Climate Change’ ever written to this day includes that 50% contribution to global warming coming from the Earth’s core. 100 % of all papers written to date describe the effects of the Sun and Solar Radiation as being the only source of energy.


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