Climate Change - A fresh Perspective

Jim Le Maistre

M. Ragheb in Global Climate Variation, Change and Energy Use, 2019 on pages 16 and 17, he spells out clearly the natural sources of CO2 and man’s contribution. Of the 186 billion tones of CO2 entering the atmosphere annually, 180 billion tones come from nature and 6 billion tones are man’s contribution. My simple math says 6 divided by 186 is 3%.

The IPCC in its own research produces a similar finding in a published graph “Global Natural and Anthropogenic Sources and Absorption of Greenhouse Gasses in the 1990’s”, finding, CO2 from natural causes is 793 billion tones, Man-Made sources is 23 billion tones. 23 divided by 793 is 2.9%.

This ratio of Natural CO2 versus Man-Made CO2 is never brought forward mathematically, in context, in any discussions of the causes for Climate Change. This is not any kind of conspiracy; it is quite simply strong assumptions. If you track the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere it follows exactly with the burning of fossil fuels since the beginning of the Industrial revolution and the selling of coal fired steam engines. Also, it corresponds directly with proven increases in Global temperatures. You put 2 and 2 together you get 4 . . . a no brainer. Unless you go back in time and compare previous cycles of Climate Change on Planet Earth. You find NO correlation between Global Warming and CO2 going back at least 10,000 years.

Here is a link to the source statement of the 3% CO2 contribution by humans - See pages 16 and 17, - 6 billion tons/186 billion tons = 3%:

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