CLINTEL message for all Climate Realist scientists and advocates

Guus Berkhout
Clintel -

At CLINTEL in the Netherlands, we see that during the past 30 years two topics are most often discussed in climate science and policy circles:

I. What is the influence of the increased CO2 concentration on the temperature in the atmosphere, particularly the lower troposphere?

II. What is the cause of the increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere?

The mainstream climate theory states that (1) the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is the cause of global warming ánd (2) that the increasing CO2 is caused by human activities. This explains the passionate 'War on CO2' in Western climate policies and the firm belief in climate emergency.

In CLINTEL however, we argue that there is NO question of climate emergency. In the past 160 years humanity has experienced an unbelievable boom. For the first time in history, a large portion of the world's (growing) population has an economically dignified existence.


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