Make sea level rise when it doesn't

Calvin Beisner
Cornwall Alliance
Rouge waves, tsunimi waves, rising and lowering sea levels have occurred throughout Earth's history. They have destroyed or ended life along sea coasts. But that is where many people want to live. They take the risk. The anti-fossil fuel alarmists simplyy want to rule over what is left of the world after they stop use of fossil fuels. Are democracies going to surrender to their horrible demands???

Calvin Beisner, Cornwall Alliance: From all appearances, the data-adjusters at PSMSL are attempting to “correct” the sea level rise data that do not support the conceptualization of a rapidly-rising sea level trend in response to rising human CO2 emissions. “It is always highly questionable to shift data collected in the far past without any proven new supporting material.” Apparently not even tide gauge measurements can be spared from those who tendentiously fiddle with raw data to satisfy an agenda. Alas, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” as Mark Twain is (almost surely mistakenly) alleged to have said. Give this truth a little shove, and maybe it’ll catch and slay the lie.


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