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Mining Industry Warns Energy Transition Isn’t Sustainable

Irina Slav

There is a glaring problem in the energy transition that not many people are acknowledging. It is being built on the back of finite resources, and the mining industry is already warning that there aren’t enough metals for all the batteries the transition will require. Because of the short supply, prices are on the rise, as are prices across commodity Our Community. The energy transition has been set by politicians as the only way forward for human civilization. Not every country on the planet is on board with it, but those that are have the loudest voices.

It could perhaps be argued that unlike the last time—the Industrial Revolution—this time, we have a lot more mechanisms to protect human rights. As true as that may be, there hasn’t been a lot of progress on that in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for example, a huge country that is key for the transition because of its cobalt wealth.