Fire, Plastic Waste, And Dead Whales: Why Environmentalists Destroy The Environment

Michael Shellenberger

Nobody cares more about the environment than environmentalists, they say. They fight climate change, demand recycling, and support renewable energy to prevent fires, solve the plastic waste crisis, and save whales.

Public and I have documented, the environmental movement’s demand for renewables and recycling is behind the devastating fires in Hawaii and California, the die-off of whales off the East Coast of the United States, and the plastic waste crisis. I do not believe environmentalists are deliberately trying to create fires, kill whales, and create giant islands of floating plastic waste in the ocean.

Public and I have documented, environmentalists caused or significantly contributed to: the devastating Hawaii fires because of their intense focus on renewables over forest fire prevention; the killing of whales from industrial wind energy because of their narrow demand for renewables above all else; and the plastic waste crisis because of their insistence on recycling plastic.


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