Russian nuclear power plant - VVER 1200

Germain Moyon, Tatiana Kalinovskaya
The United States has abandoned offering to build nuclear power plants in many countries. Russia is doing an outstanding job replacing the United States in that work.

Germain Moyon, Tatiana Kalinovskaya Rosatom: The new No. 6 reactor at Russia’s Novovoronezh atomic power station is not just about generating power, but relaunching Russia’s ambitions to become a major player in the nuclear industry. The 1,200 megawatt reactor with a service life of 60 years includes innovative security features that operate equally well on commands from the staff or without human action, including cooling systems that work without electricity. The power station’s director Vladimir Povarov insists that the VVER-1200 can withstand a 9 magnitude earthquake or a plane crash.


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