Energy Policy Failure

James Kennedy
Thorium Energy Alliance

James Kennedy, President at ThREE Consulting & ThREEM3, John Kutsch, President, Thorium Energy Alliance: This is an excellent history of the development of thorium nuclear energy and policy decisions that have held it back. Given all that has transpired since 1970, thorium nuclear energy must be developed now. It is up to the United States whether it is going to participate, lead or let anti-modern living alarmists hold America back like they have done for the last fifty years. Utilizing molten salts as the coolant allows for a significantly expanded range of operational temperatures at low pressure. By utilizing MSRs, less than 1% of the original fuel load ends up as spent fuel, and due to acceleration of decay under the recirculation of the fuel/coolant load the residual spent fuel decays to background in as little as 300 years.


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