American Nuclear Society position on man-made global warming

American Nuclear Society
More people die from colld than from hot

The American Nuclear Society gives no indication it reviewed papers showing that carbon dioxide, the molecule of life, is NOT a pollutant. More nuclear plants will not have much effect on climate change if it is mostly a natural phenomenon. Poor countries with weak governments and economies shouldn't be managing nuclear power plants. They should be using fossil fuels and growing their economies. The ANS infers that expansion of nuclear power has to proceed quickly, if they are supposedly going to reverse man-made global warming. Given the history of nuclear power in the USA, it is certain that nuclear power just in America will not be anything close to 100% in the next 100 years? The U.S. program is in complete shambles. As long as organizations like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and Natural Resource Defense Council are going strong, nuclear will not have a resurgence. Nuclear power grew to 20% in fifty years in the USA. There are no plans to replace existing plants with new ones, much less increase nuclear's share.


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