The sad status of nuclear power in the free world

Geert de Vries
South Africa

Geert de Vries, physicist describes the unspeakable status of nuclear power in most of the free world. Many nuclear power organizations, nuclear advocate organizations and independent people interested in nuclear power claim that nuclear power can solve a supposed man-made global warming crisis and can be implemented worldwide quickly. Those nuclear power advocates are wrong about man-made global warming crisis and wrong that nuclear power can be implemented quickly around the world. Those people seem to be happy promoting nuclear power their way. But they are far from the outstanding scientists and engineers who developed nuclear power and operated the commercial nuclear power plants for fifty years. Physicist Geert de Vries is dead right, unfortunately. In order to save nuclear power in the free world, every able bodied nuclear power advocate is going to have to take up the struggle to overturn what the anti-nuclear forces have done. The future is not hard to see..


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