Africa does not need Western Elites meaningless climate policies

Vijay Jayaraj
India - Africa
2023 -- CO2 Coalition
Two kinds of evil are Western Elities who want to keep Africa Energy-Poor and tyrannts and dictators with vast weapons and military threating other countries. This photo is of an outstanding leader of an orphanage and school for destitute children in Guinea. He is doing much more good than the Western Elites Vijay Jayaraj refers to.

African priorities differ from those of Europe and North America. Among the Dark Continent’s most daunting challenges are poverty, malnutrition, lack of healthcare and proper education, unemployment, inferior transportation infrastructure and underdeveloped technologies for energy, information and communications.

Therefore, Africans do not have the option to adopt unscientific and unachievable climate policies that address none of these issues in a serious way.


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