Alice in Wonderland deceptions and lies

Russ Babcock, Thorpe Watson
Trail Times, British Columbia
We live in a beautiful world thanks to fossil fuels. Good governments responsible and creative industry and people respectful of the environment can make it still better.

Russ Babcock, B.Sc. and Thorpe Watson, Ph.D. in Physical Metallurgy & Science of Materials. In this rabbit hole of lies and deceptions, the alarmists will continue their fear-mongering, including the psychological abuse of children, to promote their many agendas no matter how far down the rabbit hole it takes them.

When will our political leaders extricate us from this rabbit hole of climate-change lies and deceptions? Failure to do so will subject us to an unworkable form of global governance and, worse yet, assure the collapse of our well-deserved, modern, industrial economy.


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