The great swindle of the wind turbine

Gay, Michel

Michel Gay: His career was piloting high performance super-sonic aircraft. Builders of these aircraft would go out of business if that industry was subject to the ridiculous requirements and the unscientific design rules the nuclear power industry has been subjected to. The anti-nuclear organizations also want to get rid of fossil fuels. That will get rid of all aircraft except gliders, your automobile (internal combustion or electric) etc. The photo shows the wind conditions at a fossil fuel or nuclear power plant. The condensate water clouds from the cooling towers are slowly drifting most of the time. The wind is not moving a leaf on the trees. Guess how much electricity those wind turbines are generating. Wind energy is a great swindle in many places, like in the photo. For most of the rest, it will become obvious as soon as they need major repairs or replacement in about twenty short years or earlier if damaged by strong wind or ice storms.


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