Red flags rise on global warming and the seas

John Holdren
Harvard Gazette

John Holdren, Science Advior to President Barack Obama: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report in September 2019 warning of the mounting effects of global warming on the seas, increasing temperatures and acidification, and on the world’s melting ice. Holdren said, I don’t think there’s any good news in the report because it’s focused only on the science, and it’s been true for decades now that virtually all of the new news from climate science has been bad news. He has radically changed his position on catastrophic fossil fuel induced climate effects since the 1970s. First he sounded the alarm for catastrophic man-made global cooling, then global warming, then climate change and recently climate disruption. His photo in this article presents an unusual position for his arms. Is this a subtle message?

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