Refutation of radiative forcing for greenhouse hypothesis

Douglas Cotton

Douglas Cotton, physicist: The true cause of climate change is explained in just six pages in this article. It will blow your mind and show you how foolish you have been to believe the false "science" in the biggest hoax in history which claims that one molecule of the colorless gas carbon DIOXIDE in every 2,500 other air molecules controls climate. In fact it is variations in cosmic ray intensity which control the extent of cloud cover (and thus temperatures) which is the main cause and climate follows cycles because the gravity of planets deflects the paths of these cosmic rays that come from beyond the Solar System. Editor, John Shanahan's Note: Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, President Obama's Science Advisor - John Holdren, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Pope Francis, their peers, followers and many others are very wrong. Stopping use of fossil fuels would be a disaster as bad as global war. Physicist Douglas Cotton explains climate science and what energy we should use very well.