Today: 02.Mar.2021
(CFACT, Paul Driessen, David Wojick) USofA - Climate Alarmist Banks Go Carbon-Colonialist
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Paul Driessen, senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: Less than two years after boldly announcing that it would finance coal and natural gas electricity generation to build health and prosperity in Africa, the Africa Development Bank has flip-flopped. It has caved in to Western bank and radical environmentalist pressure and announced that, with few exceptions it will now support only wind and solar projects. This reversal will mean Africa will remain energy-deprived and impoverished – and millions of children and parents will continue to suffer and die needlessly every year from diseases of poverty. Africans have a fundamental human right to more than the few light bulbs, cell phone charging stations and one-cubic-foot refrigerators that can be supported by a wind turbine and solar panel economy. Eco-manslaughter at the hands of climate activists and banks must end.

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