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(British Geological Survey) UK - Sea Level Changes Explained
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British Geological Survey. During the last ice age, lots of sea water was stored in ice sheets and glaciers and sea level was, on average, more than 130 metres lower than it is today.

Shrinking Ice, Rising Seas. Sea level rise is an indicator that our planet is warming. When ice on land, such as mountain glaciers or the ice sheets of Greenland or Antarctica, melts, that water contributes to sea level rise

Whatever the cause of sea level change may be in the future, there is nothing mankind can do to control it. He must "go with the flow" and move to higher ground, if the level is rising. No king or president can protect people living close to sea level when it is rising. In the past, civilizations responded wisely. Will people today expect their government to protect them and their property from rising seas?

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