Today: 15.Apr.2021

Wade Allison - Radiation and Reason. A list of the pros and cons of nuclear energy is straightforward; we need it, it is safe, but people are frightened of it. But the need to replace fossil fuels with another large base-load source is widely understood and its safety has been demonstrated many times.

Published in UK

IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, Michael Madsen - Office of Public Information and Communication: Hosted jointly by the IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications and Department of Nuclear Energy, the event brought speakers together to discuss the biggest culprit of climate change: carbon. Going on down through many nuclear organizations in Europe and North America, the nuclear industry repeats the warning of catastrophic man-made global warming and man-made ocean acidification. Some day these nuclear experts and advocate will have to face the fact that these events they are concerned about are caused mostly by nature. Their expertise and motives will be questioned. Instead, they should be working to solve the problems that are holding nuclear back, even killing it.

Published in Austria

IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, Laura Gil - Office of Public Information and Communication: China has 38 nuclear power reactors in operation and 19 under construction. It has increased its number of operating reactors by more than ten times since 2000 and plans to bring five units into commercial operation this year alone. It is the fastest expanding nuclear power generator in the world.

IAEA, International Energy Agency, Jeremy Li: As the major research reactors that supply Mo-99 age and cease production, the alternative method discussed in the paper offers a simplified way to diversify production and help ensure continued supplies of Mo-99 so that nuclear medicine services are not interrupted. In 2009, reactors producing Mo-99 in Canada and the Netherlands were temporarily shut down for necessary repairs and maintenance. This caused major disruption in health care services worldwide, leading to cancelled medical scans and postponed operations, and in some cases requiring medical professionals to revert back to using old, less effective techniques.

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