Today: 15.Apr.2021

The world is full of scientists, medical professionals and engineers who have made tremendous contributions to making the world a lot better AND explaining it to the public in an interesting way. Alan Waltar is one such person. Please take time to read each of the slides in this presentation. There is a lot we can learn.

Published in USA

Nicole Jawerth with the International Atomic Energy Agency explains how nuclear technology with neutron probes can significantly help manage scarce water and improve crops for countries like Sudan. This is a tremendous help for women farmers.

Published in Agriculture & Food

Wade Allison, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Oxford University - This book expands on the message of Radiation and Reason (2009) following the Fukushima accident (2011). It is a broader study of the historical, cultural and scientific interactions of radiation with life; it asks why society takes such a cautious view of nuclear technology; it looks at the effects of nuclear accidents and other radiation exposures; it looks at the efficacy of safety, as provided by nature and as imposed by regulation; it explains how biological evolution prepared life to survive exposures to low and moderate levels of radiation; it asks if nuclear energy would be expensive, if normal levels of information, education, safety and design were applied.

Australian Nuclear Association -Nuclear energy is recognised internationally as an essential component of electricity system that meets global environmental and energy utilisation objectives. With abundant coal, gas and uranium resources and wind and solar potential, Australia is uniquely placed to set standards for integrated, environmentally sustainable energy utilisation. To be credible, Australia must embrace the domestic use and not just export of uranium to generate base load electricity.

Published in Australia
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