Today: 11.Apr.2021

Thomas Cochran has been working with the Natural Resources Defense Council since the 1970s to impede the use of nuclear power, particularly the kind that uses most of the potential energy and produces the lease amount of radioactive waste:In an effort to promote nuclear power, the Department of Energy has launched a 30- to 50- year international research effort to explore new nuclear reactor and fuel processing technologies. According to Dr. Thomas Cochran, the director of NRDC’s nuclear program, the project is unlikely to result in deployment of new commercial nuclear fuel technologies, but will greatly increase the risk of prolifieration of nuclear weapons.

Published in USA

Leon Louw, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Free Market Foundation: If we want prosperity, we must have huge coal and nuclear power investments. Why does the government take irrational proposals seriously? It may be the victim of a new kind of “Guptas out, IPPs in” state capture. IPPs spend fortunes on propaganda. We do not face a binary choice between renewables and coal/nuclear. The Daft IRP is a 180 degree reversal of the preceding IRP. The lesson to be learned is that the future is unknowable, that what’s needed is humility, to which end the government should replace the biased proposal with a balanced role for all options.

Published in South Africa

Daniel Aegerter, Swiss investment manager, philanthropist interested in the best realistic development of energy resources for the whole world: Many people have flawed concepts of how the world should develop energy programs in the future. Some think that the world faces climate catastrophes from use of fossil fuels. Others don't. Some want drastic changes for fossil fuels, wind, solar and nuclear in the next few decades. Daniel Aegerter is concerned about serious man-made global warming. But, compared to many others, he may have come up with the best and most practical schedule for developing energy resources. He recognizes that countries with weak or very bad governments, weak economies, poor education systems, poor industry need fossil fuels to improve, not nuclear. He encourages the stronger, more advanced countries to switch to nuclear as much as possible, as soon as possible. That is the recommendation of also.

Published in Switzerland

Irene Aegerter, physicist, Simon Aegerter, physicist: Nuclear Energy has a bad name and is allegedly not wanted by the people. Yet, even after Harrisburg, Tschernobyl and Fukushima it remains the cleanest, safest and most environmentally safe source of energy and – if done right – will become the cheapest. With new generations of nuclear reactors, the perceived dangers of nuclear power will be eliminated: The Generation IV reactors are inherently safe in normal and abnormal operations, they are proliferation resistant and they use the long lived "waste" isotopes as fuel. They utilize Thorium and all of the Uranium, thereby making the available resources essentially inexhaustible.

Published in Switzerland
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