Today: 11.Apr.2021

Howard Cork Hayden, Emeritus Physics Professor, University of Connecticut: As a long-time observer of the energy scene, I remind everybody that the war on nuclear is only part of the war on energy being waged by both the malicious and the ignorant. All energy saves lives, even from unreliable piddle-power sources like firewood (500 W/acre, 1200 W/ha year-round average), wind (5 kW/acre, 12 kW/ha year-round average), and solar (>>>$1 million/kWh at midnight). Please don’t get sucked in by the implication that fossil fuels are bad. You’d be joining the battle against energy.

Published in USA

Robert Hargraves, physicist, lead advocate for thorium energy and education about benefits of low dose radiation. He is also an advocate of man-made carbon dioxide causing serious man-made global warming. In this article in the Wall Street Journal, he explains the many issues Democrats have with nuclear power. He says that by opposing nuclear power, the Democrats are hindering solving the man-made climate change crisis. Robert Hargraves presents his views in the WSJ article. John Shanahan, civil engineer, presents his views in a photo essay. We agree on many things. Where we disagree, Mother Nature may settle the discussion before scientists have all the answers.

Published in USA

Bruno Comby, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear. He is an author on 11 books on nuclear energy, the environment, and healthy living.: Iodine tablets have been distributed around French nuclear sites since shortly after Tchernobyl in 1986. But they were until now distributed in a radius of “only” 10 km around each NPP site to a total population of about 700 000 for the whole of France (less than 1% of the total population). In case of a nuclear accident with any amount of external leakage, all the population in that zone will probably be instructed to swallow the tablet. It gives politicians the feeling they can take an important decision to “save” (most probably from a low dose exposure and nonexistent danger) the population in case of a major accident. Playing this needless game will hurt public acceptance of nuclear power. The government doesn't issue pills to save the population from any other risk from modern living. This is an extreme example of being fored to use the Linear No-Threshold model, LNT, for estimating risk of low dose radiation exposure. That is what the anti-nuclear forces want. It could mean the end of nuclear power in Europe and North America. The risk of dying from living near or an accident at a nuclear power plant is much lower than all other activities, including just living in a cabin out in the wilderness.

Published in France

Kelvin Kemm, nuclear physicist, Chairman of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation and CEO of Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd: This interview with NEWZROOM AFRIKA describes the benefits of nuclear energy and nuclear medicine for the continent of Africa and countries everywhere. Dr. Kemm is one of the best spokespersons for a peaceful world with plentiful nuclear energy, nuclear medicine and nuclear science. It is very helpful for many countries that NEWZROOM AFRIKA is providing this interview.

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