Today: 14.May.2021

Jeffrey Mahn, nuclear engineer: - Presentation addresses: - Historical Perspective of Radiation, - Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Radiation, - False fear of radiation, - Background radiation, - Internal radionuclides, - US map of radon, - Manufactured sources of radiation, - Ingestion of radionuclides, - Half-lives of Commmon radionuclides, - Biological effects of radiation, - Dose rate, - Dose response, - Dose effects.

Vaclav Smil writes in his book, "ENERGY AND CIVILIZATION - A HISTORY" "Energy is the only universal currency." In 2020 as the world struggles with the Covid 19 pandemic, we see what paper currencies are worth. Toilet paper and tissue paper of all kinds are more sought after than paper with ink on it claiming to be money - The value of paper currency is only what people believe it is based on the government words printed on the paper. Only energy is a real currency, because with it you can do work. Politicians and non-profit alarmists are telling us that wind and solar are better than fossil fuels, hydro and nuclear. Believing that is sort of like believing that paper currency has a solid value. Your choice.

John Shanahan, Editor of, Civil Engineer, David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: Many nuclear power organizations and utilities have contributed to the terrible situation nuclear power is in by passively accepting unnecessary crippling criteria and demands of anti-nuclear organizations. These organizations can't be more pleased. A lot of the public and elected officials are in a state of deep seated fear and misguided understanding about radiation and nuclear power. Before a large new effort for nuclear power can be launched, many things must change. Nuclear organizations must solve real problems holding nuclear power back. With the right leadership, the nuclear industry in the West could be back on track in a few decades. But, this is most likely going to take longer.

Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Published in UK

Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Published in Germany
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