Today: 28.Oct.2020

Laurence Hecht - A primer to help the present majority of misinformed policymakers and citizens to learn the truth about radiation, and the wonderful power for good that it holds out for mankind. See original article at

Donald R. Riley - This is an excellent short summary about radiation. Go Nuclear, Inc. has worked with many key nuclear scientists and engineers with first hand experience in developing nuclear energy technologies, radiation protection and understanding low-dose radiation: Wade Allison, Jerry Cuttler, Ludwik Dobrzynski, Mohan Doss, Ludwig Feinendegen, Darrell Fisher, Marek Janiak, Zbigniew Jaworowski, Kelvin Kemm, Jeffrey Mahn, Donald R. Riley, Theodore Rockwell, Yehoshua Socol, Brant Ulsh, Alan Waltar, James Welsh, among others.

James Muckerheide - Low-dose, low-dose-rate, radiation enhances biological responses: for immune systems, enzymatic repair, physiological functions, and apoptotic removal of cellular damage, etc., enhancing biological capability and health, including prevention and removal of cancers and other diseases.

Low level radiation research has also shown no adverse effects in studies with the power to demonstrate such effects. Studies have shown beneficial biological and health effects in many substantial human biological and epidemiological studies, and animal experiments.

However, radiation protection policies and rules do not consider such valid data.

James Conca - I have been a scientist in the field of the earth and environmental sciences for 31 years, specializing in geologic disposal of nuclear waste, energy-related research, subsurface transport and environmental clean-up of heavy metals. I have found that important societal issues involving science and technology are rarely made on the basis of science, but on people's perception of science. Science is necessary but insufficient. It seems to be more important to understand Fareed Zakaria than Stephen Hawking, although you better understand both if you want to solve issues like sustainable energy development.

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