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Can one ten thousandth of the atmosphere control the thermostat of the planet

Jay Lehr
Heartland Institute
This blizzard in the USA happened after atmospheric carbon dioxide rose from 280 ppm to 380 ppm. Carbon dioxide has little to do with climate. Humans can not control nor reverse climate change. Anyone believing that is not in touch with reality.

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. Past Science Director at The Heartland Institute, Member of the Professional Speakers Network, speaking on agriculture, environmental policy, aging, health & nutrition, retirement/aging and green/environment. It is time that we all stop fighting alarmist numbers with our small numbers. The only number that matters is ZERO. That is, in fact, the real impact of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s thermostat and sea level rise. We are not in a battle over numbers. We are in a battle to protect our way of life.