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Bushfire Sense

Viv Forbes
Saltbush Club
Wildfires have three causes a nature b caused by mans infrastructure near dry forests and grasslands c arson. The problem arises when wildfires affect significant numbers of people and their properties. The biggest wildfire in the United States occurred in the Northwest in 1910. It was caused by nature but destroyed a lot of human infrastructure across five states. Viv Forbes describes similar situations and similar problems with human management in Australia. We can do better. The extreme radical greens in Australia California the USA Europe say wildfires now are caused by carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. Thats baloney. How long are the extreme green fanatics going to be around They are not welcome in Africa Muslim countries Russia and China. How dumb are people in North America Europe and Australia

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club which opposes the war on carbon energy, opposes real pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food: Australia is a land of deserts, droughts, floods, bushfires, flammable forests and fire-prone grasslands – these conditions have developed since the start of the Holocene Warm Era about twelve thousand years ago. All previous Australian bushies recognised the key principle of fire management in Australia – you can have many small managed “cool” fires in early spring or a few unplanned disastrous “hot” fires consuming a heavy fuel load in hot dry winds in late spring.