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Ancient Forest Thaws From Melting Glacier in Alaska

Laura Poppick
Around the world there is evidence that the climate was warmer than today. This proof comes from trees and organic material layed bare by retreating glaciers. Exteme Green Alarmism that the world is heading to a climate tipping point because of use of fossil fuels is a lie and massive crime against humanity.

Laura Poppick writing for Stumps and logs have been popping out from under southern Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier — a 36.8-square-mile (95.3 square kilometers) river of ice flowing into a lake near Juneau — for nearly the past 50 years. However, just within the past year or so, researchers based at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau have noticed considerably more trees popping up, many in their original upright position and some still bearing roots and even a bit of bark.