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A carbon dioxide debate

Eric Jelinski, Ed Berry, Simon Aegerter
Canada, USA, Switzerland
Switzerland is a beautiful, generally well run country with impressive engineering for transportation, water management, hydro and nuclear energy. It has two important decisions to make: 1) Should it recommend that the world abandon fossil fuels? 2) Should it abandon nuclear power like the voters demand?

Eric Jelinski, Mechanical Engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - Canada, Ed Berry, atmospheric physicist, Simon Aaegert, physicist: Ed Berry presents a physics flow analysis for man-made carbon dioxide and concludes that it does not remain in the atmosphere a long time and does not contribute significantly to man-made global warming, climate change or climate disruption (all terms President Obama's Science Advisor has used. Simon Aegerter states that all additional atmospheric carbon dioxide for the last 150 years or so is from fossil fuels, that it remains in the atmosphere for many decades and is the cause of the warming experienced over the same time. Eric Jelinski endorses Ed Berry's physics flow analysis and conclusions. This is an important endorsement.