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A Threat Greater Than Climate Change

Thorpe Watson
Life on Earth needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and photosynthesis. Many politicians, oligarchs, and self-proclaimed saviors of the world in the free, democratic countries are determined to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (carbon sequestration) and destroy life on Earth. Bill Gates wants to cut down trees and bury them!!!!!!! Imagine that. Isn't that a crime against humanity?

This paper, entitled "A Threat Greater Than Climate Change", completely demolishes the belief that CO2 is a climate-control variable. A recognition of the role being played by Henry's Law reveals that the IPCC's own alarmist numbers provide maximum annual temperature increases of 0.00117 degrees Celsius over the next millennium. This is certainly not a climate emergency!

It would appear that we are suffering a pandemic of fear supported by unscrupulous politicians and journalists. I regret to inform you that this paper replaces an imaginary hobgoblin with a truly real and much more dangerous hobgoblin. However, it is one that can be easily annihilated simply by accepting the truth about CO2 and recognizing the fact that we can't generate too much CO2.