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Thorium molten salt reactors - to CA energy commission

Walter Horsting

Walter Horsting, Principal Business Development International: The worldwide abundance of the element thorium promises widespread energy independence through Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) technology. With LFTR, a handful of thorium can supply an individual’s lifetime energy needs; a grain silo full could power North America for a year; and known thorium reserves could power advanced society for many thousands of years. LFTR is based on demonstrated technology with sound operational fundamentals proven by 20,000 hours of reactor operation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the late 1960′s. LFTR operates at low pressure, is chemically and operationally stable, and passively shuts down without human intervention with a gravity fed drain tanks. LFTR produces safe, sustainable electricity and a range of radioisotopes useful for medical imaging, cancer therapy, industrial applications and space exploration.