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Saving power in danger

Michael Shellenberger
USA, Austria
Environmental Progress,, IAEA

Michael Shellenberger, Environmental Progress: The last 15 years has seen the extraordinary growth of intermittent solar and wind. But how much electricity was generated from this investment? Not very much. Why are we surprised that solar and wind generate so little power? Recall that their feeble output was the justification that anti-humanists Heidegger, Lovins and Ehrlich gave for using them. As nuclear plants close around the world, celebrity scientists and philanthropists not only refuse to lift a finger to save nuclear, they go further and disparage those we have as dirty, dangerous, and expensive in contrast to the reactors that exist in their minds. So where do we go from here? Back to basics — back to atomic humanism. What is atomic humanism? Love of our fellow humans. Love of nature. Love of reason.