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International Energy Agency - Future of nuclear

World Nuclear News

World Nuclear News: This report describes the future of nuclear power around the world for the next half century. In Europe and North America there are hardly any plans to replace nuclear with new nuclear, except in France and Russia. In Asia, China clearly intends to make full use of nuclear power with their own developed best nuclear technologies. The electric power needs of modern economies are fairly predictable. To meet those needs, it is best to use the most reliable and controllable energy sources. That is what Asia is doing with fossil fuels and nuclear power. In Europe and North America, politicians and certain factions of the public are choosing very dilute wind and solar power, which are variable, unpredictable and even not available at all. This clearly will lead to strong Asian economies and weak economies in Europe and North America. Strong economies have historically plundered weak economies for land, water and resources: the Persian Empire, Greece's Alexander, Rome's European Empire, Hitler's LEBENSRAUM, European conquests of the Americas. Do oblivious self-centered idealists in Europe and North America think it will be otherwise with their elitist environmental dreams of wind and solar power, with most manufacturing being done on the other side of the world?