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The green movement has misled the world about the dangers of radiation

Helen Caldicott, George Monbiot
UK Australia
A kangaroo court listening to lawyers present information about Helen Caldicotts claims of dangers of low-dose radiation.

The anti-nuclear movement to which I once belonged has misled the world about the impacts of radiation on human health. The claims we have made are ungrounded in science, unsupportable when challenged and wildly wrong. We have done other people, and ourselves, a terrible disservice. Helen Caldicott is the world’s foremost anti-nuclear campaigner. For the past 25 years, anti-nuclear campaigners have been racking up figures for deaths and diseases caused by the Chernobyl disaster, and parading deformed babies like a medieval circus. They now claim that 985,000 people have been killed by Chernobyl, and that it will continue to slaughter people for generations to come. These claims are false.