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American Decade of Energy

Richard McPherson
France's Superphoenix breeder reactor was shutdown so a polician could get votes from Green Extremists and their followers. Our enemies are right. Democracy has critical flaws that may bring The West down without them having to fire a shot or launch a missile Long live democracy and freedom

Richard McPherson, electrical power and grid security expert. He is pursuing executable humanitarian solutions under the nexus of agriculture, water and energy: Americans are spoiled; some are even arrogant about having energy including electricity. Americans flip on a light switch and have light. A thermostat controls ambient temperature to their liking. Drinking water is available. Vehicles have fuel available close to almost every home, office, other workplace or school. Ample food is available at local stores. And, medical care is readily available for most Americans. None of this is available in most countries. An American Led Decade of Energy shared with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, South Africa, South Korea, the UK and others can change all that.