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Restoring Americas Competitive Nuclear Energy Advantage


This report was produced by the same organization that managed America's failed nuclear energy policies for most of the last 50 years. Where are we today? The first round of commercial nuclear power plants are nearing end of licensed life or closing early due to matters beyond their control. There is no official plan of what to do with the used nuclear fuel, except store it on site for decades and ultimately lock it away in the ground. There is no plan to replace existing nuclear power plants with new ones, like has so wisely been done in France. There is very little progress to develop new nuclear technologies and use thorium also as a fuel source. Licensing is bizarrely expensive and long. There is no plan for used fuel reprocessing and using depleted uranium that can produce nuclear fuel worth trillions of dollars. There is little onshore enrichment capability. This report doesn't mention these long neglected problems, much less solve them. It is issued by a Secretary of Energy who has almost no experience in energy in general and nuclear energy in particular. What is needed is qualified, committed leadership in the Department of Energy and solid, long-term backing in Congress and the White House to keep nuclear power at the forefront generation after generation for the very long term.