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Canada and the USA Support Nuclear Energy

James Conca
USA Canada
Fossil fuels created a much better world than what came before. The environment is much healthier and less under attack by humans. Nuclear power for electrical energy, process heat in manufacturing, and production of synthetic liquid fuels is the only way to continue the modern world and maintain peace.

The United States and Canada have a lot to collaborate on in the nuclear energy field, and they seem to be doing a good job of it. Each country is considering each other’s reactor designs and each has funded or chosen to review some of those from both countries.

An advantage of the high-temperature heat from an IMSR plant is that it would be delivered as a molten salt mixture using an inexpensive pipe loop, using an approach already in industrial use today. As a result, the IMSR power plant can replace fossil fuels in producing hydrogen and ammonia, chemical processing, and new applications such as clean synthetic transport fuels.