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Nuclear Power Worldwide including SMRs

John Shanahan, Richard McPherson, Glenn Rhoades
Nuclear power today is almost all water cooled reactors that use a small fraction of the potential energy in the fuel. The most important use of nuclear power for the long-term is with technologies that can use most of the potential energy in uranium and thorium ores.

The great success of nuclear power from the 1950s through the 2020s is water cooled reactors that use about 1% of the potential nuclear energy in the uranium ore. Their safety record is close to the safest and most environmentaly friendly activity in the modern world.

The future of nuclear power lies with techologies that use nearly all the potential energy in uranium and thorium ores. This will include large power plants and small modular reactors that meet particular needs.

In order for nuclear power to start moving forward again on a grand scale outside of China and Russia, there will have to be a complete house cleaning of problem people, officials, institutions and government departments that have held advanced nuclear power back.

Nuclear power institutions and certain professionals and advocates must stop claiming that nuclear power has any control over climate change. Neither fossil fuels nor nuclear power have significant influence over climate change. Carbon dioxide is the molecule of life, not a pollutant. The world must use nuclear power to be prepared for climate change from all real causes.

Realistic radiation safety guidelines must be established. The Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis, LNT, Collective Dose Corollary and As Low As Reasonably Achievable, ALARA, guidelines must be abandoned.