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Nuclear Futures Meeting

Alan Waltar

Dr. Alan Waltar, nuclear engineer, Past President of American Nuclear Society hosted the Ingalls Creek Nuclear Futures Meeting in Peshastin, Washington State, USA September 10 & 11, 2017. In attendance were Wanda Munn, nuclear engineer from the Fast Flux Test Facility, Kenneth Kok, nuclear engineer, Editor of Nuclear Engineering Handbook, James Conca, Geochemist consultant to industry and government, contributing author to Forbes on energy, William Stokes, consulting engineer on Light Water Nuclear Power Plants, John Shanahan, civil engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA. Members of the International Board of Advisors for EFN - USA from Canada, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Uganda, the UK and the USA contributed suggestions of what the United States should do to get its nuclear power program back on the right track. In 2017, the United States still has no plans to replace aging existing nuclear power plants with new ones and no plans of what to do with its used nuclear fuel. Furthermore, Toshiba and Westinghouse have declared bankruptcy over major cost overruns for plants they are building in the U.S. This is a disgrace for government and industry management and creates problems for many other countries.