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Oil and by-products. What environmental extremists do not want you to know.

Eric Jelinski
Life without fossil fuels. And it gets worse as the wood for fuels runs out. Fossil fuels are absolutely essential for a prosperous, modern world.

“This message should be sent to every liberal and every Greenie. If all liberals, dippers and greenies hate oil, then they should remove all of their clothes, all made from oil. Stop walking on concrete and paved sidewalks as these are made from oil, walk on real dirt without shoes like your ancestors of about 1000 years ago did. STOP ever so smugly drinking your lattes while telling us about your hypocrisy.....remove your panties now... and never mind the fiberglass skis, and gortex jackets and gloves that keep you warm on the slopes in the winter.... let's be clear about oil.