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Life without oil by-products

Canada is a beautiful country with lots of natural resources, great universities, scientists, engineers, and energy industries (fossil fuels, hydro-electric, and nuclear power). It contributes to world peace and helping people around the world.

By-products of oil make up more than half of its uses. Oil for energy and for by-products are key to the modern world. When we run out of oil, it will most likely be replaced by synthetic hydrocarbons, not hydrogen and electric batteries for wind, solar, and electric vehicles. This will continue the CO2, H2O, hydrocarbon cycle of nature. Hydrogen and Lithium batteries require different infrastructures than fossil fuels, have new risks, and more impact on the environment. Nuclear power advocates who claim that nuclear power can control climate change need to take a few more courses in the future of nuclear power and what controls climate. They are making a mistake that is not helping nuclear power construction to get going again.