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Climate industrial complex left clueless as fossil fuels proliferate

Vijay Jayaraj
CFACT Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow,
Every country needs a strong economy, good government, plentiful food, water, and energy. Extremist tyrannt alarmists in Europe and North America have been working hard for fifty years to deprive the world of better living standards by sounding false alarms about carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. China and Russia are delighted with the government caused chaos in the USA and Europe. Other countries in Africa, South America, Asia reject the foolishness of the United States and Europe.

It has been a little more than a month since the United Nations climate meeting at Glasgow, yet global use of fossil fuels has increased rapidly.

Within a span of a few months, the U.S. president went from being a climate savior to climate villain. Though many may classify his actions as temporary solutions (to a non-existent problem), the rest of the world sees through the veneer of climate politics and the hypocrisy within.