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Globalists use Green Energy to Destroy our way of life

Ronald Stein
USA - World
How beautiful and efficient are the acts of creatures in the air, on land, and in the oceans, plants, weather, sun and stars compared to many acts of people, especially those manuevering to power for a few years.

In 10 years before the proverbial 2035 date when many mandated transitions to “green electricity” occur to reduce or eliminate the usage of fossil fuels, most of today’s elected officials, policy advisers, and policymakers are:

• NOT trained in engineering.

• Reside in wealthy countries.

•Unaware of the engineering reality that without the petrochemicals manufactured from crude oil, those 6,000 products that entered society after the 1800s start to disappear, the same products that have been the basis of the world populating over the last 200 years, after the discovery of crude oil, from 1 to 8 billion.

Unwilling to engage in conversations about where and how the world will replace the fossil fuels that are now providing the basis of all the “PRODUCTS” in society that did not exist before the 1800s.

Petrochemicals manufactured from crude oil… (1) Are key ingredients in manufacturing wind turbine blades and solar panels. (2) Are widely used in healthcare as feedstock for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and plastic medical supplies. (3) These are the key ingredients for construction materials, from décor to kitchen necessities. (4) The basis of tires and asphalt used in transportation infrastructures. (5) Also provide the fuels to move the heavy-weight and long-range needs of jets, moving people and products, merchant ships for global trade flows, and military and space programs.