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Breezes and sunshine can not make anything

Ronald Stein
Wind energy advocates cheer every wind turbine that goes on line. They pay no attention to the reality that wind turbines need tremendous mining, ore processing, manufacturing, transportation, and landfill disposal that need fossil fuels. Only fossil fuels and eventually nuclear power can make it possible to have the benefits of the modern world. Two things fossil fuels can't do: (1) print money and (2) assure peace. Governments do that.

As a refresher for those pursuing net-zero emissions, wind and solar do different things than crude oil.

Unreliable Renewables, like wind turbines and solar panels, only generate occasional electricity, but manufacture no products for society.

Fossil fuels, on the other hand, manufacture everything for the 8 billion on this planet, i.e., products, and transportation fuels.

Until a crude oil replacement is identified, the world needs a back-up plan that replaces crude oil that will support the manufacturing of the products of our materialistic society. Breezes and Sunshine cannot manufacture anything. Electricity CANNOT exist without crude oil !