Today: 15.May.2021

Michel Lung - PRIMO, Why do we have to speak of energy? Because air, water and energy are absolutely essential for human life.

Published in France

Michel Lung et Bruno Comby - Les spécialistes estiment auourd'hui que, d'ici une cinquantaine d'années, la population mondiale passera de 6 à 8-10 milliards d'habitants, pour plafonner ou même décroître ensuite. En revanche, la demande d'énergie doublera et celle d'électricité triplera. A l'inverse, pétrole et gaz se raréfieront, deviendront plus chers, et seront l'enjeu de grandes tensions entre les nations.

Published in France

At age 11, while in 7th grade, Kenneth Andrew Kienlen wrote his first paper about nuclear power for an English class. This is a paper written four years later at age 15 in 11th grade. He did a superlative report again in 11th grade. We wish government leaders would do as well with long term energy planning as this Advocate from Texas. Kenneth went on to graduate from Texas A&M in nuclear engineering. We wish him the best in the future. Go Nuclear.

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